eCOMPENDIUM has been developed for hotels leveraging substantial operational knowledge with people who have worked in the industry for over 30 years.


  • Home screen highlighting: The hotel restaurant (increase spend per room), Special offers (make timely offers), Guest service (quick two-way messaging for guest and staff).
  • Room service: Displaying menu with images. Show availability, price, description, modifiers, extras and notes.
  • Special offers: Displaying images, availability and pricing.
  • Local dining: Displaying local restaurants that you partner with. Hotels can also make recommendations of restaurants that are exceptional.
  • Housekeeping: Allowing guests to order extras that make hotels better self-service apartments.
  • Hotel information screens to learn: check out time, how to connect to the WiFi, how to use the phone, safety procedures etc.


  • See all requests from every room on one screen. Filter these requests by status or department to get a more streamlined workflow.
  • Fully customisable categories: Create your own categories, items, descriptions, add your own images and pricing, all on the go. This applies across special offers, housekeeping, nearby restaurants.
  • Integrated menu system: Integrated with your POS system *(approved partners only)* to bring in menu data. No double-handling of data and a consistent integrated experience for the guest.

Hotel manager features

  • Full management of all elements in your eCompendium from a stylish, comfortable user interface.
  • Set up all users including all staff from all departments.


  • Fully integrated with your POS system (for approved partners).
  • Fully integrated with your PMS (oracle suite 8) to bring in guest and room information for a seamless experience for guests and easy use for staff.